Amliyat -Farakhi-e-Rizq by Professor jaffri Shah

Adequate salary, enough payout, good job, permanent employment is one of the major concerns these days. Mainstream public tends to educate themselves and their children for the sake of job security and permanency of job. But the harder you try, more difficult it gets some times. The situations that unfolds with human beings these days, make them worry and make them jump to conclusions without even looking in to the facts, methods and procedures laid out by the Almighty himself, in the name of Holy Prophet (pbuh). Whenever there is some point of concern for human being, rather than seeking the help from Allah, humans tend to seek help from human beings and that is probably one of the biggest reasons for continual disappointment for humans. Seeking help from Allah is what should be done in every sort of doubt or troublesome situation.

Now there are different sorts of human beings, that can be of your assistance on this planet. The firs, foremost authentic procedure of help is the sunnah. The society we live in most of the time tends to seek help from Allah in the form of prayers, teaching of Islam and Quran and yet they fail to succeed.  Such times require help from those of Allah’s people who are bestowed with far more knowledge than any normal human being. People who carry the religion Islam in their hearts and seek Qurans help in healing others spiritually.

Why Professor jaffri Shah

Professor Imran Shah, one of the most experienced astrologist in Pakistan, is known for his wazaif for farakh-e-rizq. The utmost help one can offer to humanity is in the form of Islamic preaching’s and guidance.  Professor Imran Shah exemplary service towards the humanity includes, one of the services of farakhi-e-rizq.

Every believer needs to understand Almighty’s plan for his creatures.  Allah has promised the man kind of their rizq and earnings. There are various different duas, hadith proving that Allahs plan for every person’s earning is all well-defined and been taken care off. The human beings tend to get disappointed at early stage without knowing the test in life is undertaken, when Allah sends his wrath upon someone in any way.  Not being able to earn much is one of the wraths Allah has on a person which can be taken care of by the teachings of Islam.